Young Carers are amazing young people aged 18 years and under. They help care for a person who has a disability, illness, mental health issues or alcohol or drug dependence. The person they care for may be a parent, sibling, relative, or even a friend.
The YOUNG CARERS PROGRAM  supports young people who have the added responsibility of providing assistance to someone they care for. We can help you manage these responsibilities by providing you with support to get through your day, and achieve in your studies. The Young Carers Program is particularly available for young carers who are studying at school and who may be having difficulty managing their studies as well as their caring responsibilities.

Each young carer has different individual needs, and the assistance available is flexible depending on what the young person may require. Some of the things we may be able to provide include –

  • Tutoring to help you with your school work and help you prepare for exams
  • Counselling and support groups
  • Access to educational programs
  • Access to camps
  • Social events like going to the movies, games nights and more!

Getting involved is fun!  You will meet other young people who understand. You can speak to adults who will do their best to listen, to hear, and to support you the best way we possibly can.